There is a duct workshop engaged in the production of ducts in our company. All equipment and materials used in production are “TEZCAN” and “ASSAN” brands made in Turkey and have the highest quality. Our highly experienced and skilled masters work in production process. The order of the ducts and their parts in any size are accepted and developed in the workshop according to the order of the customers.  All the ducts required for our projects are produced in our workshop in high-quality. This means that the prices we offer the customers are more appropriate and efficient.

You can see the ventilation ducts prepared in our workshop in the following table in details


Brosur15PDF.FH10 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image150 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image151 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image152
Prismatic duct                                Elbow                                           Reduction Square and rounded


PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image156 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image153 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image154 PRICE LIST 2015 YENI-image155
Trousers type 1                                    Trousers type 2                                          S part Cap